is how to funnel negative habitual pattern surges down through the nervous system and into the earth and transform these surges into higher energies of creativity, courage, compassion, strength, and connection. Grounding gives us the power to self-elevate to our highest destiny. 



collaborate in our revolutionary methodology. Together we learn how to ground when unsettled.  Energize when feeling sluggish.  Focus when distracted.  Take the high road of responding instead of reacting impulsively.


 directs us to our inner navigation buttons. We not only go sideways and slantways and longways and back ways and square ways and front ways just like the Wonkavator.  We dare to go twist ways, and color ways and element ways and find the coordinates of  our inner letters and numbers.  Yoga shows us how to manage the body-mind-heart connection through refined actions, and observe reactions and tendencies. The job of the teacher is like an elevator-it lifts you up to any floor you want to go. 

Poke, Provoke, Confront

Just by pressing one of our sequence buttons, any of these buttons. Just press a button, and zing! you're off! Our 84 poses poke and provoke and confront our limits and activates creative and life-enhancing freedom and auspiciously align with Yogi Bhajan's teachings of the 84 facets of  mind. 

Meditate, Elevate, Celebrate

for the surge of empowerment we receive once Grounded in self-expression and spiritual depth. Fulfillment is the experience of contributing our unique gifts in the world. 

We all have an emotional elevator where we can push a meditation button  and go up a few floors where the air is easier to breathe, and hope and peace are abundant, no matter what we're going through.

Yoga and meditation, creativity and community come together and celebrate Yoga in Color.  You get to earn seven Grounded Kid designed bandanas that correlate with your energy system.  Ready to celebrate with us?

Did you just do what I think you did? Do you WANT to Get Grounded? Go ahead. Keep pressing my buttons.

Don't Roll Your Third Eye at Me.

Roll up toward your forehead instead. Roll up toward your intuition, your imagination, your inner wisdom.

So you can focus pocus on what really matters. 


Never will I ever take a moment like this for granted again. #sweetsavasana ...

Very Grounded Advice to help when stuck at home from a Pre-Grounded Kid. #justbreathe #pregrounded #pregroundedkidsyoga ...

“When it becomes dark, I am scared so from now on I will remind myself that the sun is always there.” Lessons on the mat of a Grounded Kid...
#weareone #yogart #groundedkidsyoga #groundedkids

Is Dylan Dis-Engaged

Dylan Disengaged is accused of being "ungrounded".  Watch this riveting case unwind as his defense team desparately struggles to overcome an insurmountable pile of evidence to the contrary.  The relentless prosecution team comes at Dylan with full force, but thankfully the judge has a soft heart and believes every kid needs to be "grounded".  The actors in this production are all students of the Grounded program.


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