Do You Know What Time It Is Pose Posters



Each color holds its own unique power that supplies us with vital resources for our physical, mental, emotional and social well being.

Everyone has access to the same seven color energy sources. As individuals, one or two colors may hold more charge than others and this, along with how energy is distributed among the other colors, greatly influences your personality.

No one single color has more value than the other. Each color energy center must spin in harmony for us to be at our best. While it is natural to favor some colors over others, It is not healthy for us to love and nurture parts of our energetic rainbow while ignoring or rejecting others. Allow yourself to own all of your power and use it wisely.

It’s Time.

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Chakra Color

Solid Ground Red, Honor Roll Orange, Twist and Shine Yellow, Balance Beam Green, Speak Easy Blue, Zoom In Indigo, Together We Stand Purple