Dr. Suess’s “The FOOT Book” is a delightful tribute to the diverse and multifaceted world of feet. In honor of his fun Suess_openand quirky rhymes, I have put my best foot forward here, in a whimsical approach to show how to work your feet. When you keep your feet in line, you will stay in line. Clearly listen to your feet and discover where they tend to go. Do they turn out or in?  Are they crooked? Do you tend to have low back pain or knee pain? Often this can be traced to your feet.
When you have clarity in your feet, your life will be sweet.
As Abraham Lincoln said “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”

Make your feet parallel. Press down on the four corners of each foot.
Connect your sitting bones to the center of your heels to your forth and fifth toes. That’s your stability line, the bottom shelf, your foundation.
Connect your inner thighs*  to your top ankle to your inner three toes. That’s your mobility line, the slide, that rocks you forward. Squeeze your inner thighs together for more balance.
Practice with standing poses, balancing poses and your day to day postures you find yourself in.

*It’s actually your inner pubis. I love how Dr. Suess made up words when he needed to. The word pubis contracts many folks, particularly teens. So, I’m asking you, dear Grounded Ones to come up with a nonsense word for pubis.

stop foot, stop footSuess_Foot
go foot, go
sitting bones to heel
to forth and fifth toe
stable foot, stable foot,
free foot, free
inner thigh to ankle
to toes one, two three
hip foot, thigh foot,
low foot, high foot
bottom foot top foot
go foot stop foot
heel foot ankle foot
feet, feet, feet
how much balance can you greet?
slow feet, quick feet.
still feet, slide feet
bide, feet, glide feet
shelf feet, shined feet
Here comes aligned feet.
His feet, her feet
Fuzzy fur feet
On the mat and on the street
how much balance can you greet?
Up in the air feet
over a chair feet
mystery unwraps feet
no more collapsed feet
create  more integrity in your feet!
here comes more and more and more clear feet!
Stop foot. Go foot.
Feet. feet. feet.
Oh, how balanced you will greet.