Hey did you know?
or maybe you heard?
Doubts need attention~
Sounds quite absurd!

They seek comfort among shadows,
and tend to grow stale,

Crinkly and dull
craving  exhales.

Left all alone~
Doubts suffer from depression,
get stuffed away,
and morph into aggression.


Doubts dwell in our bellies,
Dull, sleepy in this place~
And contract to remind us
when we need more space.

They listen to our blames,
our anger, our fears.~
They need to be seen~
to be heard loud and clear.

How can you find them?
you ask with desire~
Crank up this pose called
‘Playing with Fire”!


From a seated position,
Ground into your seat~
Lift  up your legs
Rub the soles of your feet.

Keep rubbing feet together,
add your palms in as well~
Rub feet and hands~
Create friction, that’s swell!

To Generate more heat
scoop  your tailbone in strong~
Your low belly will lift~
Now you’re coming along!

Match your breath
to your movements~
Vigorous and fast
Play with the fire!
Fuel your light, at last!

Become aware of your breath~
Follow breath to your belly
Warm up the doubts~
till they feel more like jelly.

Welcome with clarity~
welcome with ease~
Be there with yourself~
Listen, if you please.

Tap into your shadows
by igniting the light!
The sun of your body
is meant to burn bright!~

It’s the source of your power~
your shining gem!
Invite your doubts to play
and get to know them.

Nourish them by listening
and feeding them truth.
Tend to them often
as a faithful sleuth.


You have 2 or 3 Doubts,
Though it feels like a hundred,
Honor and love them
and raise them with wonder.

Notice Your mission, your purpose,
your light~
gets stronger, more potent more accessible
and bright.