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Grounded Kids announce they’ve gone Square.

May 23, 2018

Atlanta, GA– Locally owned Grounded Kids announced today that it will no longer be offering rectangular products, and will focus intensively on offering square products effective June 1, 2018.  Company officials are expected to communicate this monumental shift in strategy to both certified and not yet certified Grounded Kids Teachers later this week via Facetime Live.

Grounded Kids officials expect this incredible change to improve yogic confidence and widen, lengthen and strengthen all kids who dare to practice yoga.  In addition to square pose cards and other productive and pretty products, Grounded Kids will continue to share their incredible workshops and trainings with wise people.

About Squares

A square is a planar figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles. A square is the quadrilateral of least perimeter enclosing a given area. Dually, a square is the quadrilateral containing the largest area within a given perimeter.[6] Indeed, if A and P are the area and perimeter enclosed by a quadrilateral, then the following isoperimetric inequality holds:

with equality if and only if the quadrilateral is a square.

And squares are really cool.

How Square Shapes will improve emotional/social intelligence

The square shape will permit children to reach a more harmonious state and to have the courage to not only be there but to also be square. The abundance of right angles are directly correlated with the abundance of right action.  In a square with all sides being equal, children can take into account equally all sides of a situation. As evidenced by the poses called “See It From My Side” and “I See It From Your Side” where children actually create right angles in their bodies it is clear that Squares are considered a “Fair” rectangle and induce a fair emotional state of being.

In recognition of the tremendous amount of societal pressure on kids and teens to ultimately achieve “hipster” status, Grounded Kids would like to make “being square” a viable alternative, and perhaps a more hip way to not be a hipster.

Grounded Kids has  recently uncovered deeply hidden knowledge about the sacredness of squares will be sharing this publically.  A square has transformational properties and even has two equal triangles in it.   More information is expected to be released.

About Grounded Kids

Grounded is how to funnel negative habitual pattern surges down through the nervous system and into the earth and transform these surges into higher energies of creativity, courage, compassion, strength, and connection. Grounding gives us the power to self-elevate to our highest destiny.

Kids collaborate in their revolutionary methodology. Together they learn how to ground when unsettled.  Energize when feeling sluggish.  Focus when distracted.  Take the high road of responding instead of reacting impulsively.

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