Often people tend to pull us into their drama. Our awareness can get overwhelmed. What if we allow them time for self-correction? What if we don’t always comment about what we are critical of? What if we focus in a positive way and offer love with enthusiasm?

I invite you to practice the zip mantra (influenced by the brilliant Paul Muller-Ortega ) on your mat space as well as in your life space. Do tell us how it goes!

                                        Zip the lip..Potato Chip!

OompaLoompaI must gossip!

     I’ve got to rant!

 So much to say

       Lip Zip, I can’t!

Could you zip instead of Harm?

           Tittle Tattle,

       that’s my charm.

   I could not zip instead

      Of harm.

       I must gossip!

I’ve got to rant!

   So much to say

         Lip Zip, I can’t!

Could you zip when rumors swirl?

I can not zip

When rumors swirl

Scandals make my

                                                       Comments hurl.

                       Would you zip them

      When contracted?

Would you zip them

When distracted!

               Not when contracted.OompaLoompa

Not when distracted.

Not when rumors swirl

Not when comments hurl.

Would you? Could you?

When disturbed?

Zip them! Zip them!


I would not,

could not,

when disturbed.

You could zip when

Full of doubt,

You could zip, don’t

Chicken out!

I would not, could not when full of doubt.

Not when disturbed. I’d chicken out.

I would not zip them

When contracted.

I would not zip them

When distracted

Be Kind! Be Kind?

Be Kind! Be Kind!

Could you, would you

To be kind?

Not to be kind! I’m full of doubt!

Not when disturbed! I’d chicken out!


Thrown off center?

Are you a venter?

Would you, could you,

Find your center?

I would not, could not,

I am a venter.

Would you, could you,OompaLoompa

When misaligned?

Get more refined?

Would you, could you,

For Peace of Mind?

I would not ,could not, get refined.

I am a venter, I am not kind.

I am disturbed. I’m full of doubt.

I can not zip, I’d chicken out.

Make scandals swirl. That’s my charm.

My comments hurl. Don’t mind the harm.

You must gossip? You must rant?

So much to say

Lip Zip, I can’t!

Could you, would you,

Zip a moan?

I would not,

could not.

Zip a moan!

Would you, could you,

Zip a groan?

I could not, would not, zip a moan.

I will not, will not, zip a groan.

I will not zip them to be kind

I will not zip them to refine.

You can not zip them.

SO you say.

Try them! Try them!

And you may.

Try them and you may I say.


If you will tell me how,

I will try them.

Here and now.

                       Zip legs together.OompaLoompa

Inhale to prepare

Breathe out, sit down

Into an imaginary chair

Zip belly as well

And shins like concrete

Send energy from hips

Right down to your feet

Breathe into your vessel

Fill up with power

Breathe out completely

    Release what is sour.

Stay in your squat,

Zip up your lips

Open and let

Kindness whip!

Zip up again, hushed,

                                       Unzip and let loose

                                                A laugh, a sweet sound,

                                                           Or love gone profuse.


                                   I like to zip the lip!

                               I do!

                                  I want to be seen

                                        In the highest way

                                  I will zip my lips

                                        I say!

                                            I will see others

                                    In their best self

                 So they canzip_chip_1

                         Pull it off themselves!

                   I’ll stay out of the drama

                        And move towards the lightlrg_potatochipsbw

                                        My highest self

                                                I will invite.

                                                 Zip the Lip, Potato Chip!

                                                          Zip the Lip, Potato Chip!