Your body has states, has land, have you heard?
To some this may sound, well, quite absurd.
I’ll tell you about two, where we can partake.
Careful, it’s slippery, stay fully awake.

One state, so you see
Is rather not swell.
And it’s also a place
where Quandaries dwell.

This state of not knowing
what to decide
Is between your low belly
low back, and each side.

To get there requires
A charge of some sort
That enables your low belly
To twist or contort.

Bring to mind
A problem~ difficult to solve
That keeps you stuck in your
path to evolve.

You’ll know when you get
You’ll feel quite stuck,
And you’ll hear the roar
Of garbage trucks.

This state may have droughts,
And predicament weather.
Rain comes in Hot Water.
Hesitations all together.

Quandaries take cover,
Boxed in corners;
Feed on perplexities
And uncertain foreigners.

They drink pickle juice,
And play with puzzles.
They stick to our insides
Like peanut butter nuzzles.

Yet, the wind of your breath,
The light of your attention,
May encourage your quandaries
To flow out of detention.

And into the state of compassion~
So grand!
Where they can ebb and flow
With the situations at hand.

Much Higher state~
Where transitions are smooth;
The quandaries gain softness
And space to groove.

Our work is to notice
Which state we dwell in.
Explore and observe
And read therein.

Here’s a pose to help
land on the upside.
It’s appropriately called
Warrior 2 Decide:


Step your feet wide apart,
Feet under wrists,
Turn your right foot out
Left foot resists.

Place one hand on low belly,
Other on low back.
Breathe into this state~
Expand and unpack.

Firm up your legs!
Steady and able~
Bend right knee,
Toward thigh parallel.

Extend both your arms
Out to the sides.
Twist from your state~
Keep your arms wide.

Left arm will cross
Over your right knee.
Breathe in to lengthen,
Exhale to twist free.

Continue on
For several Decides.
Unwind on an inhale,
Repeat on other side.

As a strong warrior
You now know the way
To lead your Quandaries
From confusion to play.