“LOVE has two polarities-conditional and unconditional.

Conditional LOVE has expectations, which give us pain and joy.

Unconditional LOVE gives us ecstasy, self-fulfillment, self-respect, self-esteem, and knowledge of our higher selves.”

We connected to our lineage of teachings at Renfroe Middle, our training ground.

Our Step 2 teachers led the way….

We rooted into our legs so energy can serve building the energy in our hearts.

As warriors, finding that sweet place of balance where we can show up and be of service without depleting ourselves.

We begin with the easier things to love: kittens, puppies, our best friends, french fries…

We shout them out while engage our shapes.

We use that as a resource to open all sides of our hearts.

Visualizing energy coming into our hearts and radiating out. Invoking a sense of peace and balance, feeling our ability to step forward from a heart centered place.

What if

there are two types of people to consider: those you now love and those you will love?


Then we move on to more challenging to LOVE: those we don’t know yet..

Can we hold hands with them? Have their back? Open our hearts and find the connection?

What about physical work when we are tired,

that person who doesn’t even notice we are there, who couldn’t care less…

Can we learn to LOVE him. Or her?

Then we’ve built a muscle. Then we’re starting to recognize LOVE.


By learning to open our hearts, can we gradually be able to forgive, let go of resentment, and release hatred?

Can we let people in?

Can we experience more LOVE?



LOVE as an idea doesn’t do much.

LOVE as an action gets out and looks for one place to connect, one indication of worthwhile-ness.

LOVE as a tool for elevation flows always, always is looking for an outlet, a target, a repository.

Let’s go for insisting that LOVE is the answer, the key, the one right thing.


Today we can find something to LOVE, or someone.

Just for a moment, in that one thing or one person look for just one aspect that could indicate the presence of LOVE.

And then find something else or someone else to LOVE.

The more LOVE practicing in our schools-from preschool to college-the more LOVE being restored in our world at large.

May we know what is is to truly LOVE and receive LOVE.

May this deep heart centered awareness be a place of refuge not only for us, but for others as well.

Thank you Step 2 Teachers-

Deborah, Lucy, Faith, Dara, Stacie, Courtney, Amanda,  and Audrey,

and Certified Grounded Sarah Coleman for an exquisite LOVE fest.

And of course, Renfroe Middle students!

Sat Nam.