JordanJordan Schuster (13 year old Grounded Teen) found yoga when she started middle school. She has continued her study of yoga over the years completing her Grounded Teacher Training and obtaining her Green Bandana.

She is dedicated to her Grounded Teen and Adult yoga classes. She helped write the “Grounded in the Courtroom” video and plays District Attorney Anusara. Her Grounded lessons are infused with poetry and story. She is just so grounded in her heart that when she thought about her cousin who is getting married next month, she wrote a poem.

She said, “My cousin and her fiance are so in love; it is adorable!”

The Grounded Poet is on the right wearing her trademark T-Shirt that states “Melt Hearts, Not Ice Caps!”.


Please kiss me forever. Please feel that it’s true.

Please take me to the church and say “I Do”.

Please sweep me off my feet. Please carry me away.

Please ride with me as the sun ends the day.

Please look at me. Please see all of my flaws.

Please love me for only who I am in the raw.

Please show me your heart. Please take mine.

Please know that I love you no matter what time.

Please dream about us. Please remember it’s true.

Please know that I love you. Please know that I do.