What are these sutras
You speak so about?
Are they stitches like sutures
With some sort of clout?

Good question, my friend~
Why, yes, yes indeed,
These sutras are potent
In times of great need.

In times of great need,
And in times of great bliss,
These highly condensed words
Should not be dismissed.

The most essential core thread,
Of deep subtle meaning,
That runs through the fabric~
It supports out of gleanings.

Mat SutraGleanings of insights,
And wisdom fused pearls~
From the direct experience
Of wise boys and girls.

Sutras express much
In so very few words.
With vast significance,
It’s not for the birds.

Sutras are formulas
To be memorized and studied.
To solve the perplexities~
Of minds getting muddied.

So chose your text wisely~
Yoga, Shiva, or Seuss,
Buddhist, Tao, Platform,
Tripitaka or Mother Goose.

Then write them in BOLD~
Where you’ll see them each day!
Melt into their magnificence
In every which way.