Big Roar of Jaguar PRIDE at Sandtown Middle School!

  @groundedkidsyoga teachers led the incoming 6th graders with laughter and fierce mantras!

I honor myself.
I accept change.
I am free.

                                                                                               I am Me!

                                                         Treneisha and Toneka

Root Tree Rise with Pride.

 Warrior 3. With Intention.

I feel good.

My self-esteem is high.

I hold my head up.

I have pride. Vivian and Carrie

NO to shame and YES to PRIDE!

Flap Eagle Fly

I am short.

I am tall.

I am big.

I am small.

I am like you.

but, I am not you.

I am free to be me.

Dawn and Regina

I’m somebody!

    I’m a student!

        I’m smart!

              I’m strong!

                    I’m super!

                          Tatyana and Gary


Twist and Target.

Radiant Pride Breathing.

I am strong.

            I am proud.

                       I am relaxed.

                                  I can do it!

                                       Virginia and Georgia

Get Up!

Oompa Loompa with Fierce Laughter.

I’ve Got Your Back.

Rooting and Rising. Connected.

We show up to serve the collective dream unfolding.
We do this by being willing to be part of another dream and have others be part of ours, fully understanding that ALL will be served..????
Here’s to all of us showing up!

Sat Nam Sandtown!

Thank you Tracy Baker for inviting us in! We can’t wait to hear all about your yoga classes this school year. Lucky Jaguars!