Energy Love

Energy is all around us, all the time.
Imagine if you can access that energy to shift you when you need it the most with just one simple pose.

Energy Circuit!

That’s the way will go.TW77_big
To move from here and fro.
With the feeling we like.
That just feels right and shine our light so bright.

Mountain_SG1_bigFind a nice and comfy space.
Sit gentle with grace.
And meet both hand at your heart.

Do not let them part.
Simply feel them as one, not two.
And just as you begin, to feel heat and tingle within.
Rub both hands, fast as fast can be.
Feel the fire… Smell the fire…
STOP but keep both hands as one.HR22 big
Then slowly but softly part them tiny tiny tiny and let them bounce very weeny.
As you bounce and you bounce.
Feel the tingle between the two.
Like magnets pushing against you.
Let them bounce ever more.
Form a ball that will I endure.
The energy that you will ensure.
Whisper your love, Your light,
anything that makes you happy and bright.
All into your ball with sweet energetic light.
Send your ball within or blow it to a friend.
Your energy love TW77_bigthat never ends.