Tune into what matters

and tune out what does not


Stretch your arms high

sense train of thought


Lift UP your low belly

your thumbs and your knees

Don’t Rock the Boat

Pretty, Pet Please

Giggle at Planks

And faces of strength

hands under knees

connect circumstances

Lean Back, Lift Up

Are you taking chances?

Sa, Ta, Na, Ma

Sa, Ta, Na, Ma

Ah, In Awe

In Awe, In Awe

Use that power

to Bring It ON!

as an inner

and an outer



Sat Nam

Thank you Little Shop of Stories, Bud, Not Buddy, Grounded Step 3 Teachers, Renfroe Middle and the City of Decatur for the connection of yoga, literature art and music. And family. And friends. And love.

And thank you, Kelly Sue, for capturing this magical day.