4 Boys
Four boys, ages 5-8, came together to create a yoga sequenced flow appropriate for when we are in an overly energetic, jumping out of our skin state, but want (or are told) to get to a calm, focused state. They were passionate, patient and proud of their creation and energetically worked together.

These delightful boys shared their flow with me and the other yoga teachers in the club. ( Angus is the middle guy in the picture.)

We were smitten with their gentle, pointed style and the way they encouraged us to JUMP and PLAY, and align SERIOUSLY and STRONGLY as well.

It’s fun. It’s different. It’s difficult. It makes sense. It’s powerful.


~ Please proceed slowly and deliberately, paying attention to your breath and alignment. Breathe evenly.

~Squat at the back of your mat in FROG.
boy ~Jump to the front of your mat. Inhale your left arm and leg up into BALANCING HALF MOON. Go for legs and arms toned and straight.


~Press hands and feet into DOWN DOG. Take 5 breaths.


~Balance in Rainbow (Side Plank) on right hand and pinky side edge of right foot. Squeeze legs together.


~Exhale, bend knees into (reverse) TABLE. Fingers face feet. Lift hips above knees and upper heart above shoulders.

~Lie down onto your back in STAR. Enjoy 5 restful breaths.


{Just like sun and moon salutations~rewind the poses back up~}

Press back up to (reverse) TABLE. Keep your breath steady.

~Balance in Rainbow (Side Plank) on left hand and pinky side edge of left foot.

~Press hands and feet into DOWN DOG.

~Step left foot forward into BALANCING HALF MOON. Inhale your right arm and leg up.

~Squat at the front of your mat in FROG.

(Repeat, starting on other side until you feel calm and alert )

~ROCK and ROLL back into
PLOW. Lift your feet up over your head. Keep your chin level.
ROll back onto your sitting bones and lift both legs up into
LIGHTEN UP. Squeeze your legs together.

~Bend your knees and hold onto the outer edges of your feet in BABY GOT BACK.

~Lie Down in Savasana. Listen to the sound of your breath.

~Roll to the side and press up into EASY POSE.


Kids are always where I get my clearest and strongest inspiration for teaching yoga to adults, and this flow is no exception. May you delight in this offering~