100% Whole Breath Pose Crackers


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Introducing delicious and durable Grounded Kids Pose Crackers! Each box contains all 84 Grounded Kids poses in full color. Measuring 2 x 2, they are the perfect size for games and little hands. Use two sets to play the Concentration Memory game. It’s nutrition for your brain!

These whole breath crackers have the flavor of  grounded and elevation so of course they go well with our pose cards, stickers and posters. And they are great for dipping into sequences. Our Games book is the perfect pairing!

Teachers, use these mini pose cards to plan your lesson and as visual cues for you and your students during class.

Great for games, planning and rituals. So light weight, you can even carry pose crackers in your pocket or small bag to use again and again in your interactions with the movers and shakers.