I introduce to you, Charlotte, Certified Grounded Kid. This is her fifth year in the Fernbank Elementary after-school yoga club and is one of my greatest teachers.


Charlotte 1 My name is Charlotte Walker. I have been taking yoga since I was 5.

It’s always been fun but I didn’t realize how important it is to me, until this year.

Most girls around the age of 9 start to notice things getting complicated especially in friendship. 

Even if it’s not happening specifically to you, you still see other girls getting teased or left out for the strangest reason. 

But yoga is a place where people can be theirselves not worrying about what others think.

It’s also where you can simply relax and think of the positives.

Overall to me yoga is a place where I can go, even after a rough day, to just breathe.


Charlottes Bio:

Charlotte portraitCharlotte Walker is your average fourth grade girl. After school she does gymnastics, reading bowl, and of course yoga. Charlotte lives in Atlanta Georgia with her parents, her brother, her sister, her dogs, and her rabbits.

{editor note: Charlotte wrote this. We do not find her ‘average’ at all but admire her humility. 🙂 }