Intention Tower 2Gratefully, I wake up every morning, breathing, heart beating and mind wide open. As I breathe into my heart I pray, “God, thank you for this day, thank you for this breath and thank you for this life.” I am passionate about living life through peace and love rather than through fear and hate. My passion in embracing love pours forth in my teaching and my parenting. We are all born with love in our hearts and taught to fear later in life, and at a very young age. This is one huge reason why I chose to become Grounded Certified. As a mother and wife I attempt to fill our home up with the power of love. Each morning I begin my ritual, curtains opened, sunshine pouring in, incense burning and candles lit. I have hot tea or coffee brewing and as I wait I practice the Sun Salutations to get my juices flowing. I begin to feel love dangling on the curtains, flowing through the air and seeping into my pores. Maya Angelou once said she is convinced that negativity has power. And if we allow it to perch in our house, in our mind, in our life, it can take us over. With love it is the same. My sophomore year of high school, at Shamrock High School (now Druid Hills Middle School), Coach John DeVore taught myself and my fellow peers the importance of setting intentions. He said, “write it on a Post-It and put it on your mirror or your wall to look at every morning.” I started doing this and I felt the universe shift around me. When I was about twenty-two I received a life changing gift from my Aunt Ellen, a box of intention cards. Words like integrity, strength, and grace filled my bedroom and settled in my heart. It is those tiny cards today that I share with my family in an attempt to create peace throughout our day. Marianne Williamson, author and speaker said “God created us to co-create with Him a world of harmony and peace and joy, which the love in our hearts gives us power to do. With every thought, we choose heaven on earth or hell on earth, for ourselves and for all the world. We have the power to bless or blame, to forgive or judge. With our thoughts we have the power to honor or mock, to believe in miracles or deny the possibility that they ever happen. When our minds move in harmony with love—through forgiveness or prayer or the simplest tender thought—then mountains move and the universe shifts.”

In my family we practice gratitude and we teach each other the importance of compassion. I teach Grounded Yoga to children of all ages and although I often begin each practice with a word of intention I wanted to create a game. Somehow I wanted to incorporate the intention cards. I wanted the game to lift my students up so they could go out into the world and lift others up as well. So, my five year old daughter and I sat down and brainstormed. Nothing. A few days later we came across some scrap pieces of wood left over from a tumble tower game. The idea blew up in my mind like fireworks! I grabbed a variety of permanent colored markers and my daughter and I got straight to work. We wrote an intention on each block, decorated them and began building our Intention Tower.

To set an intention is to have a purpose or plan in mind, to direct the mind and to aim. When we lack intention, we stray and often find ourselves surrounded by chaos. But with intention, we become aligned and our eyes open to the miracles which surround us.

Intention Tower is easy to create and can be played in a variety of ways. Build your tower and carefully pull your intention without peeking. Pull an intention block per class or per day until the tower falls and rebuild. Another way to play is to have children sit in a circle around the tower. Each child will take a turn choosing a block and/or intention. When the tower falls remind children that when we fall we must pull ourselves back up.

Intention Tower 1