Yoga_KidThe traditional definition of yoga is “union” and to us it means this: When we bring all our parts and many layers of ourselves together, we know ourselves in a deeper way. We feel supported inside, united, grounded. We feel more complete and self-confident and this leads us to a sense of connection with our divine nature.

Without this type of integration, we tend to live with underlying fear, anger, sadness, or that ever-present blaming someone else for our own issues. With this integration, we magnify our power to create more beauty, more awareness, more elevated consciousness, more love.

At Grounded, we are dedicated to teaching Yoga to Kids, Teens and Adults and training others to do the same. 


 In developing our Grounded programs, we utilize these core principles in developing methods and practices based on the following tenets:

  • Yoga is more than an activity, it is a way of life.
  • Grounded yogis work on applying what they learn on the mat into their lives, such as appreciation for the good in everything
  • We align our bodies, our minds and hearts
  • We celebrate life no matter what
  • We work to make new habits that will gradually replace the undesirable ones that no longer serve us.

As we teach all different age groups, we are privileged to be gaining an astonishing view of our ever-changing world. In our kid and teen classes we often ask students to define the word “yoga.” Read their authentic responses.

“Yoga calms me and makes me feel good. Yoga opens my heart and melts it. It teaches that being quiet can be a good thing.” Nyjah 3rd grade

“Yoga is Flowers blooming in the winter. It is fun, cool, love and yay!”  Meg 2nd Grade

“Life is like a Taco.  Without cheese it’s nothing, with cheese, it is everything. Yoga is the cheese.” Catherine 5th grade

“Yoga is learning and trusting. Yoga is for life. Yoga is life. Live it. “ Allessandra 5th grade

“Yoga is butterflies sucking nectar from flowers.” Spencer 3rd grade

Yoga is when a picture has no color and then it gets color from fun poses that melt your heart” Ava 3rd grade

“Yoga is a wonderful star that floats on the water and sees the happiness of the light.” Janice 4th grade

“Yoga is having fun on a bad day.” Ella 1st grade

“Yoga is love plus fun” Bridget and Charlotte 1st grade

“Yoga is being grounded when you feel silly” Joe 1st grade

“Yoga is guacamole with chips. Without the guacamole the chips would not taste as good. Without yoga, life would not taste as good.” Jack Elliotte 5th grade

“Yoga takes out the trash. P.S. It replaces it with a present.” Koan 2nd grade

“Yoga is like a soothing sea.” Kheyal 4th grade

“Yoga is a relaxing thing to do. It calms me down. I LOVE YOGA. P.S. Yoga makes my day! Grey 1st grade

Kids want to celebrate life. They want to align with nature. They want to express their true gifts. We celebrate the kids pure wisdom.