grounded_virtueBeing grounded brings us back to balanced working order, the way nature intended us to be. When grounded, we know where we belong in ourselves, the earth and in relation to others. We offer you a supported opportunity to ground yourself so that you may teach others how to cultivate this quality.

The Grounded program is centered around a series of specific yoga poses rich and detailed in technique yet presented in a wholesome, light and humorous manner so that even the most hesitant will become grounded and embrace the enlightening and elevating aspects of yoga.

Utilizing tools such as our Elevator Series yoga pose cards, participants will embark on an elevator ride through a series of eighty-four yoga poses with each card complete with hand drawn illustration and detailed instructions and benefits of each yoga pose. Through this a series of yoga poses can be assembled to create signature lesson plans such as Charlie and the Chakra Factory,Wizard of Om, and Snow White and the Seven Posers.