Our Purpose

Grounded Kids is based on the core belief that yoga and meditation techniques have a profound and positive effect on all ages. We serve to inspire feelings of belonging and purpose and foster trust of ones inner wisdom and mind/body intelligence.

Our purpose is to teach children through yoga how to skillfully navigate real life with an understanding and ultimate appreciation for both the light (joy, love, laughter, success, peace) and the shadow (sadness, fear, anger, loneliness, anxiety) that make us whole.

The structure of our program creates a safe space for children to freely express themselves and learn life long practices that intentionally create thoughts, emotions, actions, and habits leading to more light, less shadow. 

We accomplish this purpose within the framework of our 84 signature poses categorized into sequences reflective of the 7 chakras and the 5 elements. Our teachers use Grounded Kids’ methodology to artfully teach with their own personalities, wisdom, and individual flair.