I see it everywhere.

I hear it spoken in so many contexts.

I come across it in a multitude of publications.

Since the idea of Grounded: Yoga, Laughter, Elevation came into being and I was blessed to be a part of the ground-floor of its creation, rarely does a day pass when I do not experience the word in some form or fashion. Funny how that is isn’t it? Have you noticed it yourself? A word so normal when_wasas Grounded. A word so often associated with the perils of teenage behavior and a parental attempt to restrict or restrain. A word meant to describe the action of rooting down into something greater-than and deeper-than our everyday experience. A word that strikes at the heart of being present for each and every miraculous moment we are blessed to encounter.

I am grounded in the beauty and mystery of each day.

I am grounded in the gift of friendship and family.

I am grounded in the task of sharing my gifts and honoring the giver.

I am grounded in the reality that time is short and the more present I am for each precious second the more delightful this journey truly is.

I am grounded in knowing that Yoga brings into balance the bounty of my blessings and the true nature of my needs.

I am grounded in the knowledge that Laughter is most certainly a gateway to the soul.

I am grounded and therefore I am truly Elevated.