Ben-Lee-photoUnlieable – To be filled with ones own truth, to the extent that no lies can enter ones being, either from within or without

Meet Ben. While working on an exercise to illustrate what we stand for, Ben introduced me to a new word… unlieable.

When I asked Ben what this word meant, he said, with complete assurance, that to be unlieable is to not lie…. Duh

So I began to think, just how does one become unlieable. At first glance it appeared to be very straightforward.. you do not tell lies. But then I began to see that it might be necessary to know ones truth in order to see the contrast of untruth, of lies.

And just how do we do that. Well, we work. We show up. We delve into our beings, our selves, and we excavate all the facts of who, what, and why we are. And we honor each and every ounce of fact that we find. We nurture these things, these truths, we feed them… and they grow. And they expose more truths, more facts, unexplainable, unjustifiable, they just are. They are complete sentences. They enlighten our beings, and they free us.

And once we fill, so fully, with these things, well there is just no room for lies. A glass full of water cannot hold juice. It is full of water. Attempting to pour juice into this glass with just cause the juice to overflow out. And so it is with us. We fill with truth. And then there is no worry. Lies cannot fit. They are neither threatening, nor challenging. We are unlieable.

Thank you Ben.