Dr-Seutra 001



Yoga is the stilling

of the changing states of mind~

The act and policy of

No chitta* left behind.


Yoga is the re-channeling

of habits of the mind~

Capacity for Contentment grows

And Vrittis* get declined.


Yoga is the resolution of

the agitations of the mind.

A uniting of consciousness in the

heart of all mankind.

Yoga is the settling of the

mind into silence.

Nirodha* the misconceptions,

And ignorant defiance.


Yoga is the deepening into

the state of tranquility~

Out of the surface ripples~

And into heart’s reality.


Yoga is a steady process

of fire and nectar release ~

A  move toward settling

into the natural state of peace.


Practice the yoga of quelling

your scattered surface thoughts~

before slinging the reactive,

impulsive, negative shots.


Instead of playing Whacamole with

your worries, doubts and fears~

Consider focusing your attention on

the music of the spheres.


Each inhale, think calm~

Each exhale, think peace.

Favor these words~

Your distractions will decrease~


*Citta means mind, or consciousness.
*Vritti means tendency or fluctuation.
*Nirodha means restriction or suspension.