Educators can learn how to support their students’ social and emotional development by taking a Grounded Kids customized training specifically designed for the needs of your school. Our training will teach skills regarding:

  1. Creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that promotes positive behavior and respectful communication.
  2. Building positive relationships with students by showing interest in their lives, listening actively, and providing support and encouragement.
  3. Teaching and modeling social and emotional skills, such as empathy, problem-solving, and self-regulation.
  4. Providing opportunities for students to practice social and emotional skills through group activities, role-playing, and cooperative learning.
  5. Offering support and resources to students who may be struggling with emotional or behavioral challenges.
  6. Encouraging self-reflection and self-awareness by providing opportunities for students to reflect on their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.
  7. Incorporating SEL into academic curriculum by using materials that promote social and emotional learning.