From Stress to Serenity: The Impact of Trauma Yoga Training for Kids

Trauma yoga training with us is different from other programs because we make it personal first. Identifying your own patterns born from stress or trauma, in our safe and nurturing trauma yoga training, will enable you to authentically connect with children.

All behavior is a form of communication. For children who are under chronic stress or who have been traumatized, yoga can play a huge role in healing. Taking a trauma-sensitive children’s yoga certification is important for several reasons:

  1. Tailoring Yoga Practices for Children: Our trauma-sensitive children’s yoga certification provides specific tools and techniques to adapt yoga practices for children who have experienced trauma. It emphasizes the importance of modifying poses, language, and sequencing to meet the unique needs of traumatized children, considering triggers, boundaries, and opportunities for empowerment.
  2. Understanding Childhood Trauma: Childhood trauma can have long-lasting effects on a child’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Grounded Kids Yoga’s trauma-sensitive certification equips yoga instructors and educators with knowledge about childhood trauma and its impact. This understanding helps them create a safe and supportive environment for children who have experienced trauma.
  3. Regulating the Nervous System: Our trauma informed children’s yoga training focuses on techniques to regulate the nervous system and manage stress in children. These practices help children develop self-awareness, emotional regulation, and coping strategies, fostering resilience and promoting overall well-being.
  4. Enhancing Emotional and Social Skills: Our kids yoga certification with a trauma-sensitive approach emphasizes the development of emotional and social skills. Yoga can provide a safe space for children to explore and express their emotions, build self-confidence, develop healthy relationships, and improve communication. These skills are essential for trauma survivors and can support their healing and growth.
  5. Promoting Mind-Body Connection: During Grounded Kids Yoga 95-hour certification we will teach you how to encourage the integration of mind and body through movement, breathwork, and mindfulness. This approach helps children develop a greater sense of body awareness, grounding, and embodiment. It can also facilitate healing from trauma by fostering a positive connection between the body and the mind.
  6. Collaboration and Professional Development: Our children’s yoga certification program involves collaboration with professionals from various fields, such as education, psychology, and child development. This interdisciplinary approach provides opportunities for learning from different perspectives, exchanging knowledge, and integrating trauma-informed principles into various educational and therapeutic settings.

Promoting Healing and Resilience: Transforming Lives with Trauma Yoga Training

By taking Grounded Kids Yoga trauma-sensitive children’s yoga certification, you can enhance your ability to support children who have experienced trauma. We will equip you with the necessary skills to create a nurturing and empowering environment, while promoting the child’s overall well-being, resilience, and healing.

Our trauma yoga training will help you integrate simple practices to live a more grounded and elevated life. We believe all children and teens deserve a yoga teacher who is self-aware, embodied and able to emotionally regulate before taking the seat of the teacher. Trauma yoga training with Grounded Kids will meet you where you are in your own healing journey but not leave you there.

What are the Benefits of Trauma Informed Yoga Training for Kids?

After trauma yoga training, you’ll know how to include opportunities for students to experience what trauma may have taken away. A few examples are:

  1. Experiencing the present moment through physical cues.
  2. Making manageable choices in relation to one’s body.
  3. Taking effective action to improve one’s physical and emotional experience.

Since memories are often stored somatically (in the body), our trauma yoga training teaches you how to help your students safely release the trauma through physical practices. Some techniques you will learn in our trauma yoga training include predictability, invitatory language and tuning into the energy of the class to make real time adjustments.

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How can trauma yoga training benefit children?

Trauma and chronic stress are common among children and teens. We prioritize the well-being and safety of all students because it is often an invisible condition. All Certified Grounded Kids teachers understand the impact of trauma and teach in a way that honors the vulnerabilities of trauma survivors, whether in schools, yoga studios or community spaces.

Trauma resides in the nervous system as well as the physical body. We must skillfully help our students regulate and connect with their mind and body in a way that promotes healing and avoids triggering their natural, yet overactive, stress responses. In this way, yoga and mindfulness become gateways to re-wiring the brain for healing, re-orienting in present time and building resilience for the future.

Who is eligible to enroll in the trauma-sensitive kids’ yoga training?

In addition to those enrolled in our 95-hour certification training, we offer customized trauma sensitive training to healthcare providers and individuals wanting to understand why and how to take a trauma sensitive approach in the work they already do with children. Reach out to discuss how we can accommodate your time and budget.

What topics are covered in the Grounded Kids trauma yoga training program?

  • Developmental Trauma – The latest research into developmental trauma and the negative effect of adverse childhood experiences (ACE scores) on energetic, physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Defining Trauma – The overlap of stress and trauma and how both impact the brain and nervous system leading to dysregulation, (C)PTSD, Chronic Pain, Learning Delays and other negative outcomes.
  • Contextual Vocabulary – Understanding real life scenarios and implications such as Zone of Tolerance, Alarms, Triggers, Physiological Terms, Stress Responses and how to recognize them based on children’s behavior.
  • Grounding Practices – Why and how to create space between stimulus and response leading to less reactivity and more regulation.
  • Strategic Lesson Planning – Trauma Sensitive yoga objectives, population challenges, opportunities to offer for students to heal, sample trauma informed plans and a lot of Grounded Tips for successful classes in a wide variety of situations.

How long does the trauma-sensitive kids’ yoga certification training typically take?

During our 95-hour certification training, we dedicate 6 hours to formally address this topic. However, there are many opportunities to experience and practice trauma sensitive teaching throughout the entire certification process.

What qualifications do the instructors have for teaching trauma-sensitive yoga to kids?

Certified Grounded Kids Yoga teachers are extremely well prepared to deliver yoga, mindfulness and breathing practices in a way that maximizes healing and minimizes risk. Our training is based on the latest research in the field of trauma informed yoga and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) .

Is the trauma yoga training program suitable for individuals without prior yoga experience?

Yes. Our certification program and stand-alone trauma yoga training are evidence based

Can trauma-sensitive kids’ yoga certification training help me work with children who have experienced trauma?

Absolutely! In fact, it is risky to work with any population in the realm of yoga and mindfulness without a trauma sensitive approach.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the trauma yoga training program?

When seeking certification in children’s yoga, you need all 4 steps and trauma training is formally covered during step 4. Otherwise, anyone with a desire can take our trauma yoga training program.