I am so happy I chose Grounded Kids Yoga to earn my RCYT.  I am a pediatric speech therapist (and former classroom teacher) working at an outpatient clinic.  I use the Grounded Kids curriculum with all of my patients in some form or another.  My patients respond so well to the pose names, cues, mantras, mudras, and philosophy.  The pose illustrations and names are very easy for kids to remember and connect with.  Parents have been super supportive and very excited to implement a Grounded Kids home program.  Since implementing Grounded Kids at my clinic, parents and other therapists have remarked on how focused, regulated, and calm the kids are.  Amy and Sedef are incredibly knowledgeable about child development, best practices for educating children, anatomy and physiology, and yoga philosophy.  I was lucky to be able to take part of this training in person and part of it online.  I can attest to the fact that this training is amazing in either modality.  Amy and Sedef also helped me begin to formulate my own business plan regarding kids yoga.  If you are a classroom teacher, therapist, or parent, I HIGHLY recommend this training.  You will be so happy you chose to learn under the guidance of Amy and Sedef.