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Grounded In Fluffiness


Three years ago…a five year old Grounded Kid said her favorite pose was “Flat Like a Pancake” it was actually not an official pose, but rather a transition from Gratitude and Snake.  To honor the wisdom and innocence of this child, we decided to make “Flat Like a Pancake” a pose that’s part of the Grounded Elevator Series.  Read on to see how to griddle some pancakes the Grounded way.

You ARE Special, Just Like Everyone Else


I_am_what_I.amI Am What I Am Grounded Yoga Pose

SA: Touch thumb to first finger and say SA which means Infinant. 

TA: Touch thumb to second finger and say TA which means Birth.

NA: Touch thumb to third finger and say NA which means Ending. 

MA: Touch thumb to pinky finger and say MA which means Rebirth. 

This is a traditional Kundalini Yoga chant that activates specific pressure ponts that help energy flow to the brain. We love this chant and first realized its transformational quality and how much all kids love it in the Radiant Child Yoga Program training with Shakta Kaur Khalsa.