Bring Grounded Kids to your studio!

The Grounded Yoga program is centered around a 84 specific yoga poses rich and detailed in technique yet presented in a wholesome, light and humorous manner so that even the most hesitant will become grounded and embrace the elevating aspects of yoga. We balance the seriousness of asana, mudras, mantras and meditation with playfulness and include games, songs and guided visualizations in our classes.

Our poses serve and honor the individual by providing specific tools for calming down or increasing energy, lightening up or centering through focus & balance as well as the wisdom to know when each is appropriate. In Grounded classes, we share experiences and fulfill the universal desire to be connected and belong to a group. Our Together We Stand sequence engages the entire group to practice partner poses and inspire each other.

Our expectations are high; we work hard, laugh whole-heartedly and build self-esteem and confidence in a safe, non-competitive space. When we are grounded, we have the stability and strength that it takes to handle any situation with grace, a positive attitude, and flexibility. That’s Elevation.