Just Give Me Some Peace Bandanas


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On the Quest for Elevation? Getting Grounded in Color?

Bandanas have been around almost as long as yoga! Wait no more to elevate your style and make use of the most flexible accessory in the world. From babies to babas, bandanas are worn for so many reasons from practical protection to outlaw fashion to conscious connection among likeminded individuals. Wondering which to wear? Choose a color based on the qualities you want to cultivate.

RED – Strong, Energetic, Grounded and Steady

ORANGE – Social, Creative, Enthusiastic and Easy Going

YELLOW – Optimistic, Logical, Confident and Happy

GREEN – Harmonious, Loving, Generous and Compassionate

BLUE – Faithful, Calm, Content and Communicative

INDIGO – Intuitive, Fearless, Unconventional and Visionary

PURPLE – Inspirational, Spiritually Developed, Charming and Humanistic

Each bandana features the Grounded Poses drawn by Dylan Laakman and artistically laid out by grounded kids certified teacherĀ Pia Orellana.

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