Are You Playing Games With Me Book

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 This book is written for yoga teachers, activity group leaders, school teachers and parents seeking ways to enhance learning and social skills in fun and engaging ways. Play during yoga clubs, studio classes, birthday parties, yoga camps, special events and during school. The games and variations are appropriate for children of all ages and grown ups too so use during family yoga or at home. Easily adaptable to accompany even your most serious minded yoga themes, our games are valuable for personal and social development. Games can be used to break the ice in new situations, help children in a group get to know each other, direct and manage energy, learn how to laugh together and teach children to pay attention to you and each another.
Grounded yoga games increase understanding of yoga poses, develop breath and body awareness,  improve motor skills and physical fitness, heighten the senses, enhance focus and concentration, foster emotional growth, encourage teamwork, build creativity and induce an overall feeling of joy and an attitude of light heartedness. We have found that children who are yogis perform better in school, have less fear of failure and demonstrate more confidence and kindness toward themselves and others. The best way to teach and learn games is to play them. Be clear with instructions and allow for a practice round when introducing a new game. Most importantly, enjoy!
Amy Haysman & Cheryl Crawford, co-founders of Grounded Yoga, Laughter, Elevation