What Did I JUST Say? Focus in Time Instructional Kit


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Focus in Time is designed to help children GET focused!  While building strength in their balance and concentration, these sequences will also utilize expressive yoga techniques to help foster an environment of cooperation and inner well-being.  Optimized to fit to the often busy and unpredictable schedules of the school day, we have created a series of easy to learn yoga movements based on 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10 minute sequences that are easily taught in the classroom or home without the need for yoga mats or accessories.  This ready to teach set of carefully selected pose sequences with illustrations and easy to follow instructions, will benefit students immediately and yield noticeable results.

Use these sequences any time during the day to reset student’s energy, prepare the mind for both creative and logical thinking, and to foster a harmonious classroom environment.  Based on amount of time allocated, five yoga sequences are provided:

  • 4 Minutes:  Focus Four: Expand and Explore
  • 5 Minutes:  Focus Five: Prepare to Thrive
  • 8 Minutes:  Focus Eight: From Good to Great
  • 9 Minutes:  Focus Nine: Strengthen Your Spine
  • 10 Minutes: Focus Ten: Time and Again

Each kit consists of:

  • Detailed instructional sheets printed in color on large (13 x 13″) card stock.
  • On-line access to Focus Series videos. This is one example.

Our hope is that with this kit, you will connect to your students on a deeper level, find exciting and nourishing things to focus on individually as well as collectively, and connect to others teaching children how to mindfully focus.

Please keep us posted on how this is working for you.  Send in your illustrated pictures and unique ways you are using these materials, pictures of your students getting focused and any feedback to amy@groundedkids.com.

Thank you!