Pre-Grounded grew out of the organic desire of our teachers and parents wanting their little ones to experience the benefits of real yoga in a way that helps them reach and exceed developmental milestones.

Our unique approach gives children what they want, such as playful movement, fun games, imaginative songs and colorful materials, as well as what they need, such as social engagement, self-expression, coordination, verbal and non-verbal communication, routine and structure, so that the kids’ really want to participate and the adults really notice results.

Pre-Grounded classes begin with an opening ritual that includes age appropriate breathing practices and end with a closing ritual that includes mindfulness practices such as guided visualization, chanting, and relaxation. In between we warm up with gentle movement linked to breath in mini flows, energize, strengthen and balance with yoga poses connected to a meaningful theme or yoga story, partner up for group poses and games,  creatively express feelings through art and cool down with poses that calm their body and mind and practices that teach inner awareness and self-regulation.

If you are a school wanting to add Pre-Grounded to your schedule during the school day or after school as a club, please reach out to our director of school programming at or 678-362-9990.  A typical schedule during the day includes 15 to 20 minutes of yoga for each classroom once or twice a week.  Our after school yoga clubs for this age group are 45 minutes.

If you are a studio wanting to add Pre-Grounded to your menu of classes, please reach out. A typical studio class lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour. Parents are usually not invited into the room.  Many studios with two rooms offer this class at the same time as adult yoga.

If you are a parent wanting to enroll your child in a Pre-Grounded class, please reach out to your local yoga studio and pre-school. If we are not already offering a class at your location, please request one and contact us with the information to follow up. We are also available to work with your child individually at your home or nearby location.


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