MarilyHello. My name is Marily Minton and I am 8 years old. I am working on my white bandana and I have been doing yoga for almost 5 years. Yoga inspires me to do big things that will inspire others to do great things in their lives. Yoga helps me in everyday life. For example, if I were about to take a test I might do a breathing pose or if I were about to perform a dance I might stretch by doing yoga. To calm me down when I feel stressed I do yoga. It helps me stretch and relax. When I just get out of a car when I am on road trips I feel all stiff so I do some yoga poses to stretch out my body. I also help my family to be happy and healthy by practicing yoga with them. I use yoga almost every day in my life and it makes me feel proud to know that I am the youngest in my class to complete all the bandanas in the grounded program. I hope my blog will inspire you to complete yours.


Marily M.