Step 2: Expand into Pre-Grounded, Special Needs & Teens

Align your skills with your heart’s desire to teach real yoga in a fun and meaningful way to little ones, teens and those with special needs.

This 22-hour training includes the following:
1. The specifics and potential outcomes of teaching yoga to kids ages 3-6
2. Lesson planning, songs, games and storytelling that encourages kids of all ages and abilities in seriously playful ways
3. Mindfulness and Meditation practices for younger children
4. Grounded Kids approach for working with children who have special needs
5. Explore the definition of special needs and appropriate yoga lesson plans for children with Sensory Processing Disorders, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and others
6. How, What, Where and Why to implement teen centric themes and practices
7. Create a big impact with mini yoga flows
8. Practical teaching experience with these populations
9. An overview of Entrainment and Sound Therapy to complement and enhance your work as a yoga teacher
10. Advice regarding the inception and logistics of teaching classes in yoga studios, preschools, special needs facilities, high schools and sports teams
11. Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional Child development as applied to the practice of yoga

Included Grounded Materials:
Training Manual
Pre-Grounded, Special Needs & Teen Lesson Plans
ORANGE and YELLOW Grounded In Color materials

$599 early bird/$649



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