I think it is safe to say that no one likes whining, but despite that fact, regardless of age we all find ourselves doing it. It creeps up on you suddenly, born out of a desire for something youNO_WHINING don’t have, or to leave a place where you don’t want to be, or perhaps to resist somebody making you do something when you’d rather be doing something else. A whine is an irrational expression, characterized by a high pitched cry expressing dissatisfaction. No doubt, it is always irritating; hence the upsurge in bumper stickers, t-shirts and pillows boldly exclaiming “No Whining!”

At the instance of whining, we often sound like a scared, insecure caged puppy and may not even know why we are whining. What we really want is sort of hidden beneath dusty clouds. Like a child (or adult) may be whining for a cookie when what they really want is a hug. A child (or adult) may whine for a toy his brother is playing with when what he really wants is for mom to put down her phone and look into his eyes and listen. Instead of reacting with a scrunched face or anger to a whine, consider the deeper meaning and respond from your highest self. 

Often we may whine about doing the laundry when the real issue is that we haven’t had a deep meaningful conversation in a week.

When we feel cloudy and grey and like there is a dust storm inside of us…we whine. When we feel powerless, helpless, and stuck…we whine. When we feel disconnected, lonely, and bothered…we whine. It’s as if we have these feelings that are stuck inside of us like chewing gum on a shoe. What is one to do?

Ground Work, of course! :

HR15Close your eyes and connect to your breath. Bring to mind a scared puppy. Consider how you would hug that puppy and whisper that everything is going to be all right. Hug your skin to your muscles to your bones that much. Perhaps sing a song or repeat a beloved word or whisper…

From Down Dog pose, become that huggable puppy. Spread the fingers of your right hand like big puppy paws, clawing the floor. Inhale and draw power up from the earth through your arm bone and into your atrium (bottom of you heart) in front, bottom of your shoulder blades in the back. Exhale and sweetly melt your heart with puppy love. Melt the whines away. Trust the strength of your right arm to support you as you inhale and bring your left palm to the outside of your right leg. Exhale and extend out from your atrium. Press your palm into your leg and your leg into your palm- twisting to look under your right armpit. Keep your basement floor level. Inhale and switch sides. Your left arm supports while you place your right palm to the outside of your left leg. Sense your pack nearby; you may want to bark, but there’s no need to whine.

Do your part in creating more harmony in the world. Enjoy how your people respond to your clarity.