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Trish Rau

Mindful movement mentor and coach Work Stratton Ski Resort Stratton Vermont United States

*Special  Needs
*Trauma informed
*Gait/Alignment based

Certified in kids/adult yoga and ski coaching – I love mentoring  kids and blending movement into everyday life and breath. My motto is “moderation in movement” and my focus  is on every population working with their individual challenges and strengths.
A homeschooling veteran of 15 plus years I’ve come to realize my love for helping children grow with compassion and presence.  I have been involved with the Camphill movement for over three decades and have embraced the idea of  diverse learning communities and the benefits of all inclusiveness to foster community and unity when it comes to abilities, ways of learning and philosophies. I love connecting the dots of structured movement technique with the free “spiritness” children inherently possess.

Mindful Movement is key for everyone!