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Peggy Culpepper


I first fell in love with yoga when I was a young and somewhat troubled middle school girl. As I grew up I fell more in love with the practice of yoga and as of 2022 decided I was ready to begin sharing this with others, professionally. I received my 200 hour certificate from Peachtree Yoga in December of 2022. After completion of the course I realized just how much the children in my own life need these tools and found Grounded Kids.

Learning about the power of my breath and how to truly be present in the moment helped me to overcome many of my mental battles. I want to share these tools with kids and teens so that they too can win their mental battles and grow through their own physical and energetic practice.

One of my favorite things about yoga is that no one’s personal practice will or should look the same. Our bodies are all so different, as our minds and feelings are too. In my classes, we celebrate our differences – from where we come from to how we show up on our mats.

I find great joy in leading mindful art activities. These crafts can facilitate students to think about their practice in a creative way that has the potential to bring them closer to understanding of their deeper feelings.