Full 1{Brought to you by the letter F}

Flex FULL between your shoulder blades.
Flex FIERCE by squeezing your legs.
Form a smile shape in your chest.
Have FUN considering eggs.

Consider 2 eggs of passion
{Play this imaginary part}
Fluff up each one with breath
Right behind your heart.

The more FULL you become above
The more FIERCE you become below,
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
Live the life you have imagined”, said Thoreau.

Fun 2What are you devoted to?
What needs to be exposed?
Bring that faith into your legs
When you practice the FIERCE pose.

No one can breathe for us
But we’re not meant to work alone.
Find a friend to hold your calves.
Create in your legs, muscle tone.

Find another friend to be the “chair”
For you to sit back into.
Lift your arms up by your ears
Resist the urge to askew.

Go for parallel thighs,
And shoulders over hips.
Make yourself smell like chocolate
Bring your fingers to your lips.

SE47 bigBecome an Oompa Loompa~
A symbol of FIERCE and FUN.
Zip open your lips, let out a laugh.
Zip closed when you are done.

Find more forms and friends
To practice FULL, FIERCE and FUN.
May you become FULL like the moon,
And FIERY just like the sun.