Raising Grounded Kids

Parenting is for life and we are here to help your child skillfully navigate the ups and downs

If you are questioning how to be the best parent you can be, you are already doing it right! Children are busy enough that it may seem overwhelming to add another activity to your calendar. Take comfort in knowing your child’s time investment in practicing yoga will have exponential rewards.

Extensive research studies prove children who practice yoga have an increased overall sense of wellbeing, but we think anecdotes are as reliable as they are relatable. Here are a few of our most recent findings:

  • Elenor’s physical therapist has noticed a significant increase in her core strength and determination since attending after school yoga club for the past few months. She has also had a smoother transition from 3rd to 4th grade and attributes that to skills she learned in yoga.
  • Brothers and sisters ages 7 to 15 who have been receiving at home personalized yoga are no longer escalating disagreements but rather hearing each other out and working together to solve issues with empathy and respect. They also all sleep really well the night they have yoga!
  • A parent whose child attends a weekly class for ages 7 to 11 at a yoga studio emailed in January 2020 to say “My daughter has really been enjoying the class and it has been helping a lot with her anxiety overall. She mentioned tonight that during class her anxiety goes away which is great for her to connect with what that feels like and know she can achieve that feeling in other settings. I am so grateful to you for teaching this class and providing a safe and fun way for kids to be introduced to yoga.” 
  • After L.G’s 5th birthday yoga celebration, mom wrote, “The girls are still talking about it. The moms have made it a point to tell me things like ‘”my daughter is using the feather to help her breathe”‘ and ‘”my daughter is singing the I am Happy, I am Good song”‘ and other things they learned during class. We’ve attended many yoga classes, but most of them have the kids running around and they don’t seem to be very grounded when they leave. This class was different. I could really see and feel the energy of these sweet girls shift and they all took something away from it. Sedef gave them the gift of presence and as a yogi and energy healer that is everything.”