Grounded Kids RCYT Certification Intensive


Aug 17 - Aug 28    
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Get Certified to Teach Kids Yoga in 10 Days ONLINE!

Monday – Friday August 17th – 21st & 24th – 28th 

  10:00 am – 6:00 pm*

Lunch Break 1:00 – 2:00 Daily

*We will meet in a private Zoom Room for two to three hour chunks with breaks in between for independent reading and creating. Once you register, you will receive a general agenda schedule for each day. The training will be recorded and links to the days recording will be provided that evening.

Here are some highlights!

  1. Grounded methodology rooted in the 7 chakras and the 5 elements
  2. 84 Grounded poses including modifications and enhancements
  3. Physical, mental, emotional, social development through the lens of the chakra system and how to impart this wisdom to kids and teens so it is useful in everyday life
  4. Lesson planning, theming, class structure, scope and sequencing that engages and inspires various populations
  5. Specialized mini flows and mantras to balance each chakra and practice creating ones with purpose
  6. How to teach 11 essential alignments to children with skill, clarity and creativity
  7. General anatomy and physiology
  8. Mindfulness, meditation, mudras and breathing techniques appropriate for ages 3 – teens
  9. Conduct management based on each student’s constitution and prevailing elements
  10. Common scenarios including potential behavioral challenges and strategies for dealing with them
  11. The what, why and how of yoga for children with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and other special needs
  12. Skills to assess and effectively respond to the individual child through group and personalized yoga classes
  13. Practical teaching experience with ages 3-teens and those with special needs
  14. Literature, art, storytelling, music and games as elevations
  15. Fine tune observation skills, teach to what you see, and learn effective manual and verbal adjustments
  16. Personalized feedback to polish your teaching practices to become an effective, dynamic teacher
  17. How to bring yoga into a school and it’s impact on students, teachers, administration and the community
  18. Curriculum-based yoga for P.E., Health, and in a classroom with desks
  19. Trauma Sensitive yoga training for youth
  20. User friendly info about PTSD and Neurological changes from trauma, chronic pain and recurrent stress
  21. Introspection and conversations to inspire best practices when teaching yoga to children
  22. Create your vision based action plan and receive tools to support your business.

For a more comprehensive list of what is included, please see the detailed course descriptions under step 1 – 4 trainings.

Register NOW and receive a free curriculum bundle worth over $200! 

Early Bird Price of $1800 ends July 31st/ Tuition is $2000

Payment Plan is 3 installments of $685 each (total $2055.) Once you make your first payment, we will contact you to arrange future payments. 
Here are Glows from our June online intensive training! 
Emily says: I was so elated by how Amy and Sedef’s presenting skills came through strongly in a digital environment. It didn’t feel reduced or less-than; I felt like we were gathered strongly as a team.  I felt the yoga magic uniting us and flowing freely in Amy’s gentle, funny presentation style and amongst the group.
I learned a lot more in this training than I have before about the meaningful aspects of our yoga poses. I was moved by Amy’s discussion that kids’ yoga isn’t just about having “fun” but that it is deep, serious business and needs to be treated with care, love, respect, and honor.  I am moved now to take much more time to emphasize each pose, repeat poses more (with the breath), slow down and *teach* more, and embrace the spiritual aspect of our work even when it is presented in a secular way.  I am beginning to understand more deeply, through this training and my own self-education, how to use language that is inclusive to all individuals and all belief systems.
Sedef taught me to slow down and expect more of preschoolers. I often had felt I should entertain and occupy–but I see now that our littlest ones can learn about the honor and stillness of yoga if I shift my attitude and presentation slightly.
This was the first time I learned that I could actually forge a working relationship with Grounded through Amy and Sedef. That means a lot to me. This felt less transactional (before, you were some ladies who invented GK and lived in Georgia) and more personal, connected, supportive. I do want to keep in touch, stay involved, and draw upon your support to spread this offering. I think there’s something about working with the founders of the organization; the meaning translates more deeply and I began to understand what GK is *really* all about.  I learned a lot about having a yoga business from two very successful entrepreneurs; this influence impacted me. I learned I can offer yoga as a business without being unethical or participating in something I dislike. I learned it isn’t consumeristic or transactional in this situation; it’s love and energy. I get it and I’m excited to more forward with confidence and knowledge.

Michelle says: I loved learning all the different aspects of yoga, such as the elements and chakras, mudras and mantras, guided visualizations, meditation and relaxation, as well as the psychology and therapeutic sides of it. The entire course is very comprehensive and covers in detail a lot of different areas that tie into yoga. I feel like it was a very educational experience for me. I sure learned lots of new information and I cannot wait to incorporate all of it into my teachings 🙂

Cathi says: Where to begin. You two truly have a gift. Your love and passion explodes in this training. Not a detail was missed in the manuals. I feel we covered everything effectively and you were always open to stop and discuss questions and ideas that arised along the way. I have done a few yoga trainings and this felt safe and warm and I truly looked forward to each day. I loved how well we were taken care of with tune ins, breath, and meditation.  Truly grateful for this experience. Excited to be part of the Grounded Kids community 🙏🏻

Najia says: Thank you so much for the wonderful training experience. I just finished my 200 hour training in dec so that is pretty fresh in my mind too. I have to say I really loved both my experiences even though they were very different from each other.
– Your personalities and ways to connect with us even over zoom felt so warm, welcoming and personal. I didn’t feel as if I’d missed out because it wasn’t in person.
– The way you guys explained the material, and went over chakras and elements, was just right.
– The packet of materials and resources that you sent ahead of time is perfect to help us along the way after the training. It helps to have all the tools so well organized to start of a new phase in life without feeling intimidated.
– The connections you foster through these trainings are priceless. It was an honor and a privilege getting to know both of you, and the fellow trainees.

Trainers: Amy Haysman & Sedef Dion

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