Garden Club Group Yoga Pose with Amy Haysman

How to Teach the Best Summer Yoga Camp

Most of my favorite teaching moments happen during summer yoga camps. Just look at my smile in the picture as we practice Garden Club in yoga camp. Because I’m with the kids and teens for multiple hours several days or weeks in a row, we can go deep into the heart of yoga teachings and explore our creativity in a supportive social environment.

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Poster 20

Harry Potter Marathon Yoga

Practice yoga poses according to various reoccurring themes in your Harry Potter film of choice.

If you enjoy watching Harry Potter and need to get moving and breathing, try this fun, in house, yoga workout circuit. Challenge yourself and try and watch all the movies and jazz up your yoga routine at the same time. Invite your friends.

You’ll need mats, yoga pose cards (hyper link) healthy food and beverages. I made posters for easy viewing.

Try Grounded innovative yoga poses or create your own. Remember to move with your breath. Practice good alignment when sitting between poses.


Pose Chip Icebreaker – Get To Know You Game

Last month I finally broke open my Pose Chips from Grounded Yoga. Okay, now how to use them, I thought. It just so happened that I was launching a new class that night called, “Girls Night Out” (8 – 12 years) and that I had a full house of 18 (some of which Iʼd never met). One of the main intentions for this new class was to create a space for girls to come together and connect. So, what a perfect opportunity to use the Pose Chips as a tool to do so. As the girls were arriving, I came around and placed a pose chip on their mat. I asked them to keep it safe for the whole night. Once everyone arrived, I introduced the “Pose Chip Icebreaker – Get To Know You Game” and hereʼs how it works:image