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Dylan Laakman

dylanWe are so proud and so amazed by the artistic contributions from one of our very own “grounded” teens.  Dylan  beautifully captured and illustrated the grounded poses that are an integral part of our Grounded Elevator Series™ program.

Dylan  was born in Germany and lived there for a short time. From there he moved to South Africa and now makes his home in Atlanta.  This makes him a well-traveled artist at the ripe-old age of 14! Dylan started practicing yoga after his mother- a yoga teacher- gently encouraged him to “just give it a try.”  Dylan has been barking in down-dog and melting his heart flat like a pancake ever since, not to mention laughing, learning, breathing and becoming more grounded. Besides gazing at the clouds and doing homework, Dylan plays the piano, does Hip-Hop, snowboards, draws, chats with friends and cycles to the Waldorf School of Atlanta where he is currently a student


Kelley Sue Hardin


Kelley Sue Hardin, Certified Grounded Yoga Teacher, Photographer & B.F.A Art Educator is a mother of two beautiful children, two spunky pups and two goldfish. She began teaching Art Education when she was eighteen at a nearby summer camp and continued teaching for twelve years with experience in Montessori, DeKalb County Public Schools and Private School. She has taught Pre-K through High School including children with special needs. She discovered her passion for yoga as a teen. She says that yoga found her at a time in her life when she was seeking balance and peace. If Kelley Sue is not on her mat, she is homeschooling, photographing or creating works art. While practicing yoga at home, her youngest child requested a yoga mat. She then knew yoga needed to not only be a part of her lifestyle, but her children’s as well. Kelley Sue and her husband began their photography business, Kelley Sue Photography in 2004. In November 2010, Kelley Sue’s passions, her children, teaching, photography, and yoga intertwined. She received her Grounded Yoga Teaching Certificate and became Grounded’s in-house photographer. Kelley Sue is grateful for the many teachers who have helped ground her, especially her children, her best friend and husband, co-grounders Cheryl Crawford and Amy Haysman, the Grounded family, and her students.

Kelley Sue’s classes are inspirational and fun inviting students to connect with their hearts and their strength all the while reminding them to honor their Self. She enjoys teaching a balance of artful alignment and playfulness while embracing the joys and benefits of yoga. Kelley Sue encourages her students to practice on and off the mat as well as giving constant gratitude and awareness of mind, breath, and spirit. Her classes are theme based and inspired by classical books, music, poems, art, and whatever inspires her on that particular day. Kelley Sue continues growing while studying a variety of styles and teachings. Many of the photographs on our website are courtesy of Kelley Sue Photography. For more information check out Kelley’s website at http://kelleysuephotography.com.



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